Item:  Eprinomectin
Specification:  90% Tech
Packing:  5kg/tin,2tins/carton
CAS Registry Number  123997-26-2
Molecular Structure   
 Eprinomectin, CAS #: 123997-26-2
Molecular Formula  C50H75NO14;C49H73NO14
Molecular Weight  (914.14);(900.12) 
Usage:Eprinomectin is used in beef and dairy cattle to control most GI nematodes and lungworms and also is effective against biting and sucking lice, chorioptic mange mites, cattle grubs, and horn flies. Eprinomectin shows broad-spectrum activity against both endo- and ecto-parasites while leaving minimal residues in meat and milk.
Storage: Sealed tightly and stored away from light in a cool and dry place.
Shelf life:2 years